Town Board seeks AIDA transparency, modifies height setbacks

News Source: Amherst Bee

by ANNA WALTERS Reporter
The Amherst Town Board approved a resolution on Monday to provide comments and feedback to the Amherst Industrial Development Agency on its budget — specifically regarding the lines for salary and health insurance.
Deputy Supervisor Guy Marlette said the town does not directly fund the AIDA. The agency is funded by the revenue structure from the projects it approves. The projects, which include new development or redevelopment, also provide an increase in tax revenue for the town.
Marlette then noted that the residents and the businesses of the town do in fact fund the AIDA. The resolution to provide comment and feedback to the agency noted that the town goes several years without receiving the full value of the tax revenue for the projects.
“We have every right to question, make observations and make comments,” he said.
Marlette says he’s asking that the AIDA’s budget be more transparent and provide explanations rather than just lump sums, especially in relation to administrative expenses such as salaries and benefits. According to theresolution,therewasa3percentincreaseforallpositionsin2014, and there is no increase to salaries from 2014 to 2015.

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