Town unanimously approves $120.1 M spending plan

by KEATON T. DEPRIEST Associate Editor
The Town Board unanimously approved the supervisor’s 2015 budget of about $120.1 million during its meeting on Monday.
The first resolution, initiated by Deputy Supervisor Guy Marlette and co-sponsored by Council Members Steven Sanders, Mark Manna and Ramona Popowich, sought to amend Weinstein’s budget proposal to provide staffing for 153 police officers.
In his preliminary budget, Weinstein reduced the police roster from 153 to 150 to reflect one vacancy, one 2014 retirement and an additional retirement. In his budget message to the public, Weinstein said a staff of 150 was still higher than it was several years ago, when the roster totaled 143.
Marlette said that in a recent conversation with Police Chief John Askey, the chief felt more comfortable with a staff of 153 officers.
“There is no magic number,” Marlette said. “We’ve always budgeted for 153 officers, and I can’t see having less officers when the number of calls to the Police Department are said to have increased.”
The vote on Marlette’s resolution tallied 4-1, with Weinstein the only opposition to the measure.

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