Memorial will thrive with community’s help

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In 2009, Deputy Town Supervisor Guy Marlette initiated the creation of a Veterans Memorial to honor people who served in all branches of the military.
Last week, the town held its third unveiling of names that have been engraved on the memorial’s wall. The memorial is located at Amherst State Park, 390 Mill St. near Sheridan Drive.
The memorial was paid for through grant funding. It includes stone walls, an east and west wall, a water feature and an area for seating during various ceremonies.
The east wall features five seals, one for each major branch of the U.S. military: Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. Water flows from the stone beneath each medallion, combining in a reflecting pool at the base of the wall.
During Friday’s ceremony, which honored 18 veterans, a member of each family recited the name of his or her relative who served in the U.S. military and is now memorialized on the wall.
We feel the Veterans Memorial is a peaceful area for people to remember our veterans. It is a place to reflect upon the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis.
Furthermore, the memorial is an emotional sight for many people in the community. However, it needs to be maintained by the community. To not clear the gardens of brush, debris and weeds would be disrespectful to the veterans honored on the wall.
In mid-June, Hausrath Landscaping, led by two employees who are military veterans — Matt Cyr and Dave Edmunds — donated their time to clean up the gardens near the memorial.
The company has volunteered to maintain the gardens and has revisited the site several times since early June. It shouldn’t be only their responsibility, however. We all need to have an equal share in maintaining the memorial.
We are also emphasizing what Marlette told The Bee several weeks ago. We want the memorial area to keep growing as corporations or organizations are sought who want to assist in improvements or upkeep of the nearby gardens.
Marlette also added that Scouting projects at the memorial site are welcome. The memorial was built for the community to share, and now it is up to members of our community to work together.

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